Special Purpose Vehicles

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are entities created for the singular purpose of holding the shares of a specific security, essentially, an investment fund with one company “portfolio”.  As companies wait longer for an IPO, the need for liquidity opportunities for the insiders and employees becomes a pivotal, especially prior to a liquidity event.  GoldStreet Holdings Special Purpose Vehicle Program provides access to these potentially lucrative private transactions by strategically acquiring specific portfolio security in each “SPV” with the goal to capture the value that exists in the private market prior to an Initial Public Offering where the value of the company could increase significantly following a public offering.

GoldStreet will also engage in the purchase of Late Stage Pre – IPO “Unicorns” and “Decacorns” which have filed or are expected to file for an Initial Public Offering on a national market system with an estimated time horizon of three years or less. 

All investments provided by GoldStreet Holdings Limited Partnership are exclusively available to individuals who meet the requirements of SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D of an “Accredited Investor”.

We look forward to offering skillful execution and building long lasting relationships with our customers.

pre-ipo Portfolio