Advertising Financial Obligations

In 2021, worldwide advertising spend will rise to $900 Billion Dollars annually.  Digital Advertising will account for 70% of that spend by 2023.  GoldStreet has created a new financial instrument for financial institutions that gives access to this asset class.  GoldStreet intends to take advantage of its unique relationship with a new exchange platform that enables advertisers and publishers to trade Advertising Contracts in an automated and compliant marketplace.  We will introduce this new proprietary patent-pending financial instrument known as an Advertising Financial Obligation or AFO on this new marketplace.

We believe institutions, family offices, hedge funds, large wire houses, brands, and publishers will be market participants through purchases of single and/or bundled AFO products.  GoldStreet estimates the Total Addressable Market for the AFO instrument to be more than $500 Billion Dollars annually worldwide. 



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