Limited Partnership

GoldStreet Holdings (LP) is a private investment fund where the General Partners are the private fund advisors. The General Partners oversee and run the business while the limited partners have limited liability up to the amount of their investment.

The General Partners will apply the experience, knowledge, and relationships they have gained over a combined 50 years in the financial industry, and engage in the purchase and sale of private and public companies.

GoldStreet will seek to achieve outsized gains for the General and Limited Partners.

The scope of potential investments include companies in the following sectors:

  • Big DATA
  • Fintech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Drone Technology
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Alternative Energy
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Energy Control Solutions


The brainchild of General Partner, Robert E. Ainbinder Jr., an Asset Financial Obligation or (AFO) is a new patent-pending financial instrument that enables companies to accelerate the funding of transactions across various industries.  This product is essential to any marketplace where sales and transactions occur without immediate compensation.

GoldStreet has solidified itself as a private fund that has developed its own proprietary financial instrument, while granting investors access to new asset classes created from the AFO product. 

For a detailed overview of the AFO, please log into your member portal.



Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are entities created for the singular purpose of holding the shares of a specific security, essentially, an investment fund with one company “portfolio”.  As companies wait longer to go public, the need for liquidity opportunities for the insiders becomes pivotal.  GoldStreet engages in the purchase of Late Stage Pre – IPO “Unicorns” and “Decacorns” which have filed or are expected to file for an Initial Public Offering with an estimated time horizon of three years or less. GoldStreet’s “SPV” Program provides access to these private transactions by strategically acquiring a specific portfolio security in each “SPV” prior to an IPO.  To view all available “SPV” products please login to your GoldStreet Holdings LP member portal.